How to prepare for a new school year as a teacher

There are just two types of teachers in Summer- those who won’t even think about work and stuff related to it & those who use their summer break to get ready for the upcoming school year. If you belong to the second teacher group, read these 3 tips on how to prepare for a new school year as a teacher!

#1 Make a list of things you did great last year and things you need to work on.

If you are a bit like me, you don’t remember what you don’t write down. Making a list of things that worked is a good starting point for your new school year.

Also, don’t miss out reflecting on things you still need to work on. Remember, we always learn from our mistakes. See it as an engine that keeps you going.

#2 Look for resources and people that inspire you

Knowing what website or profile to visit when I need to feel inspired saves me tons of time. Try to look up some resources or profiles that inspire you and help you keep up with your work.

! Don’t forget that keeping your mental health first is essential. Try to look for profiles, websites or services that will feel helpful when you need them.

#3 Get what you need to stay organized

Staying organized throughout the whole school year used to be a big problem of mine until I made a list of things that are actually super useful.

A proper teacher planner– Trust me, I have tried lots of them and the only ones that work for me are always from Happy Planner❤️!

Binders and folders– If you easily get lost in your papers, documents and lesson plans, these two are an absolute must.

Sticky post-it notes, colored card-stock paper– This is something I usually forgot to buy, so in case we have that in common, put it on your list, too. 🙂

What is the number 1 things you always forget to get before the school year starts? Let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram @dominika_randackova.✨


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