3 ways teachers can use their summer break

Summer is finally here which means that you are finally getting into the non-teacher mode 🙏🏼. I know there are many of you who know exactly how to use your summer break but I am also sure some of you just can’t switch from the busy work mode. If you are one of them, here are 3 ways how to use your summer break.

#1 Journaling

If you are not really sure what you need this summer and how to get into your holiday mode, journaling is a great way how to figure it out. Get a cute notebook or just grab a paper and write down what is going through your head. Doing this regularly can help you to relax your mind and figure out things that simply need to be figured out.

#2 Practise setting boundaries and evaluate the school year

If you are still figuring things out, there is a possibility you have found out what boundaries you hadn’t really set yet. If that is your case, whenever something comes to your mind, write it down and get back to the list at the beginning of a new school year to remind yourself what to work on.

If you are struggling to relax after a busy school year, try to evaluate and reflect on it. Click here and download a freebie that will guide you through it using just a few simple questions. Maybe you only need to summarize and conclude everything.

#3 Relax and do what you love

I know you worked hard, my dear teacher friend, and you deserve to relax. You have finally time for things you put off during the school year! Read that book, go for that hike, visit the restaurant you wanted! I highly encourage you to have the best summer ever☀️.


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