3 ESL teaching tips for the end of a school year

With the end of the school year students (and teachers too🙋🏼‍♀️) tend to shift their mind to the summer break and that is exactly why you need to get their concentration back on track, right? If you are looking for tips to use in your classes, keep on reading!

#1 Summer oriented TBL lesson

If you read this blog regularly or you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I am so into TBL! It is a wonderful way how not only to teach foreign languages but also develop students’ social skills. With summer knocking on the door, try a TBL lesson and focus the task on travelling. Students can plan their ideal holiday, pretend like they run a travel agency or create a holiday their teacher would deserve! I am sure you would have so much fun!

#2 Summer outdoor escape room

I always loved teaching outside and you should try that too if you have the option to do so!

Escape rooms are fun and handy for teaching anything from vocabulary to grammar- so don’t hesitate and create one!

#3 End of the school year countdown

If you are just looking for quick warm-up or wrap-up activities for your lessons, try End of the school year countdown! It works just like advent calenders we all know but instead of eating chocolate students work on short and quick activities (1 activity = 1 lesson). Make a list of fun ESL activities, short games or try acts of kindness!

If you want to save time, download all three ideas from my store. Everything is ready to go. Links below!





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