3 reasons why communicative language teaching is important

Have you ever stopped for a minute and thought about what you stand for as a teacher and what your goals are towards your students when it comes to teaching a language? Well, if you haven’t- take a piece of paper and write it down as it is essential for finding your teaching style.

I have always known that my biggest goal towards my students is to teach them how to communicate and interact/cooperate with each other as I believe this is one of the skills they will cherish the most in the future. Communicative language teaching (CLT) helped me to reach my goals and, what is more, it helped my students to see ESL as more than just learning a language.

#1 CLT helps students to become confident

I guess we would all agree students are afraid to speak too often. Can you imagine what would it mean and how your lessons would change if they overcame their fear? The focus of CLT is on communication, interaction, cooperation- the three skills students absolutely need in the real world! Try to incorporate CLT in your lessons more and help your students to get rid of the fear.

#2 CLT improves relationships between teachers and students

Reaching communication without interacting with others is impossible, so you can probably imagine the reason why and how CLT improves relationships. Focus on pair work/group work and teach students more than language!

#3 CLT shows students the real world

Not knowing why to learn a language is one of the key factors for lacking motivation. Showing students the real world through authentic materials and the matter of communication is a game-changer. It is such a simple things that will help your students to go from 0 interest to 100. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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