3 ESL activities to teach this Spring

Don’t you sometimes feel like you need to step out of your books? How do you feel about seasonal teaching materials?

With the start of Spring, students often shift their mind to the end of the school year and they gradually become bored with books. Here are 3 activities that will get them back on track with motivation.

#1 Escape room

Escape room is a fun activity that can be adapted to any season or holiday, they are fun and you can teach basically anything through them- vocabulary, grammar, you name it.

#2 Learning through literature

As you could already read here, there are tons of strategies how to implement literature in your lessons that even non-readers would enjoy. Find a spring-themed book and start with DEAR time. I’m sure it will put an interesting twist in your lessons.

#3 Persuasive writing/speaking

Write down national days or holidays that are celebrated in Spring and build your lesson(s) around them! What not to try persuasive writing/speaking? Not only students will learn important life skills but they will also have fun and get rid of fear of speaking.

If you are busy, let me do the lesson planning stage for you! Check out my ready-to-go teaching materials on Učitelnice, Učiteléučitelům or TeachersPayTeachers.

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