3 reasons why to teach ESL with songs

Can you imagine a day without listening to music? No? And do you know that your students probably feel the same way? Using songs in your classes is definitely worth trying!

#1 Songs increase students motivation

Don’t hesitate to ask students about their favourite artists! If you choose a song they aren’t really into, you will probably lose their attention.

Choosing a song or an artist that is popular will help both you and them to have a succesful lesson.

My tip: It is very likely most of your students like to listen to songs that are currently trending on social media. If you are a fan of using social media, try to browse some songs there.

#2 Useful for teaching both vocabulary & grammar

It doesn’t matter if it is vocabulary or grammar you are teaching at the moment- songs are wonderful for both!

#3 Songs improve listening skills, speaking fluency and enhance students’ creativity

Do I have to say more :)? Songs work wonders with improving listening & speaking skills and the fact it enhances students’ creativity is just a cherry on top!

2 Must-have products you should try!

Are you looking for ready to go songs worksheets to try? Check them out below!

If you are from the Czech Republic:

Click here to download this set of worksheets!
Click here to download this super fun activity!

If you are from other countries:

Click here to get it on TeachersPayTeachers!
Try this set of 5 different worksheets! Click here to get it on TeachersPayTeachers!


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