How to start teaching reading

Sometimes it feels like students are split into ‘those who love reading’ and ‘those who can’t find the joy in it’ but have you tried to implement reading actual books in your classroom? Do you know there are strategies even non-readers can enjoy?

How to get students excited for reading

#1 Provide students with enough books of different levels & themes

What often happens in ESL classes is a wide variety of English levels and interests among students. If you can’t afford purchasing books, try ebooks. There are a few free online markets where you can easily download ebooks of different levels and themes. I recommend using English e-reader.

#2 Turn it into a habit with exciting twist

When implementing something new in your lessons, it necessarily have to meet your expectations from your students’ side.However, if you focus on the atmosphere, setting the right mood and turn it into a habit, it will most likely turn into one of your students’ favourite activities. Exciting twist or wrap up is always appreciated. Have you thought of throwing a book market?

#3 Drop Everything And Read TIME

If I had to name my most favourite reading strategy, it must be DEAR time. Have you ever heard of Drop Everything And Read? It is a wonderful way how to get students used to reading + it is perfect if you aren’t confident enough to throw a whole reading project. Provide students with books/ebooks, let them choose one they like and just shout ‘DEAR TIME!’ whenever you and your students are ready for it. I recommend doing that every last 10-15 minutes of your lessons. Trust me when I say students will be excited for it every single day!


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