How teaching styles affect learning

Your teaching style is such an idividual special part of you as a teacher. It is something we might not know from the beginning of our careers, something we slowly gain and work on, however, it still reflects us as a person. I would compare that with our identity- it is unique and can’t be copied from someone else.

Think about yourself back at high school. What you probably remember more than facts from Biology and History lessons are your teachers’ teaching styles.

Why is it so important?

As you know (or as you can imagine), motivation plays the key role in the learning process. Without the right motivation it is much harder to achieve your goals. Your teaching style is often THE factor that motivates students to learn. Can you see the connection?


#1 Be yourself, be unique and don’t try to copy anyone

Your teaching style is what makes you unique and diffent. Accept inspiration from others but don’t copy anyone just because he/she is popular.

#2 Never stop learning

Learning is essential even when you are in the position of a teacher. Discover new teaching methods, approaches, ask for feedback.

#3 Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is pretty hard but it is a necessary part of teaching. Know where your boundaries are and don’t allow anything that wouldn’t feel uncomfortable or simply ‘not like you’.

Have you already discovered your teaching style?


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