3 things teaching has taught me

One of the questions students have always asked me the most is ‘Have you always wanted to be a teacher?’. Well, as surprising as it might be, for a long time teaching was a job that I thought I would never like to do. I really didn’t intend to be a teacher as I found it pretty repetitive. Luckily, as the time went I decided to give it a go and absolutely found myself in it.

Here are 3 things teaching has taught me:

#1 The importance of making mistakes

If you’d asked me 7 years ago, I would definitely tell you how terrifying making mistakes is. It wasn’t until I started teaching when I came to a realization how important it actually is. Mistake is just another step to a better version of yourself. Don’t expect you to be perfect in all possible ways, be open to making mistakes and learning as you go.

#2 Your attitude affects the feeling of repetitiveness, NOT teaching itself

‘I could never be a teacher because of how repetitive the job is.’- I can’t even count how many times I said that in the past. However, the truth is it isn’t the job that is repetitive. It is your attitude that makes you feel this way.

In reality, it is the complete opposite. With the right attitude, teaching is full of wonderful challenges, learning new things & discovering a lot about yourself.

#3 Asking for help or advice isn’t a sign of weakness

First year of teaching isn’t easy at all (you can read about it here) and to feel like you have to do everything by yourself won’t help. Ask for help, ask for advice and be open to accepting feedback. These three things are major and they definitely aren’t a sign of weakness. In fact, they help you to become even better teacher than you are.

As lovely as teaching is, there will be some obstacles to overcome, however, with the right attitude and knowledge the process will be so much easier. If you want to read more, download the ultimate teaching guide using one of the platforms below:



Or if you are from the Czech Republic:

Dostupné na uciteleucitelum.cz

Dostupné na ucitelnice.cz



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