5 Apps/Webs to use in language teaching

What I love about teaching in today’s world are the (almost) unlimited possibilities teachers have. Having internet connection in every classroom, PCs or iPads allow teachers to use apps & web sites whenever they want. That helps teachers to make teaching more fun and thus get closer to students for whom the use of apps is a regular part of life. Here are 5 of my faves.

#1 Kahoot.com

I assume I don’t even have to describe what Kahoot really is. 😊 It is an awesome helper in revising vocabulary, grammar, assigning HW or tests.

#2 Newsinlevels.com

Newsinlevels is a wonderful source of world-wide news for ESL students. Highly recommend!

#3 Ted.com/talks

Honestly, Tedtalks are my absolute fave to use in my classes. It is super easy to get students engaged and excited about the chosen topic & they can see quite clearly why they should study English. I use their talks as warm-ups or I build whole lessons around it.

#4 Gartic.io or Garticphone.com

These two became super popular back when we were teaching from homes. It is fun + useful for revising simple vocabulary.

#5 Mentimeter.com

This is a fun way to make presentations, polls & I absolutely love it for brainstorming students’ ideas!


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