Top-selling ESL materials

Times when you were creating all materials from scratch are gone. There are now a few markets where you can find the perfect teaching materials that will save you a lot of time! I have been into this business since beginning of 2020 and I have to say that I found myself in it.

If you don´t know what types of ESL materials I offer, keep on reading or jump right into the best-selling ones.

Types of my ESL materials

Since I am an ESL middle school teacher, what you can usually find in my stores are materials for levels A2-B1+. My faves to create and sell are definitely lesson plans (usually for developing speaking/writing), games, cards and seasonal materials!

If you know me, you know that I am into TBL (task-based learning)- that´s another thing I highly recommend!


Currently, I am offering my materials on three platforms:

Here are the top 3 Best-sellers I highly recommend (available on all three platforms).

Have fun with this 90 minutes task-based lesson! This download includes a worksheet for students, language focus worksheet and a very detailed lesson plan with everything you need. The lesson is based on planning an exclusive trip, having fun, simulating the real life situation and practising language for recommending and not recommending things.
*Perfect even for teachers beginners- detailed lesson plan included*
72 Discussion questions, 8 main speaking topics, 24 sub speaking topics for developing speaking skills of ESL students. These discussion cards work well for developing speaking and communication, as an icebreaker or a lesson wrap up.
Main topics:
Family life, area where you live
Seasons of the year, weather
Young people and their world
Important issues
Traditions, holidays, celebrations
Food, cooking, eating out
Teaching critical thinking is one of my favourite topics to teach- and so it can be for you!
This is a 60-90minutes ready to go lesson plan focused on teaching what hoax is.
In this fun lesson, students will watch a video (link in the lesson plan), work with an example hoax text using either their phones or PCs (or anything you can use at school), develop their speaking skills through discussions and, what is more, they will be creative and come up with their own hoax and key words!

Believe it or not, my students absolutely loved this lesson and yours will love it too!


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