Keeping your mental health first

Being a good teacher isn’t always only about knowing a lot about the subject you teach. Work often gets beyond that and within the snap of a finger- there you are, dealing with things university didn’t prepare you for. True reality of what teaching really is about.

Without any reason, society has become too strict to teachers and it expects us to do both possible and impossible, always with 100% commitment.

Well, remember that you can’t be a superhero in all aspects of your life, you are a human being who simply can’t:

  • have everything figured out,
  • please everyone,
  • work long hours all the time,
  • lose yourself for a job.

Keeping your health first is essential. Find your own ways how to leave work behind and focus on what matters most- YOU, your health, your family, your hobbies. Once you figure out this issue, trust me that everything will become easier again and you will get back on track even with your motivation.

To help you keep your mental health first, here is a 4 week motivational teacher journal that will help you overcome the dark days.


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